fdf Workforce Development e-learning – legacy resources

As part of fdf’s legacy, we are pleased to present several sets of e-learning resources developed by fdf.

These e-learning resources have been developed to support access to, and the delivery of, work-based higher education. They have been developed to provide the institution, learner, and their employer with highly regarded content. The resources have been developed for use in a Moodle e-learning platform and in most cases are presented as a series of modules.

The resources offer a range of learning materials, activities and tools including, in many cases, a connection into an integrated Moodle/Mahara e-portfolio that offers individuals an institution-free, online ‘personal space’ for the recording of learning documentation and evidence.

The fdf e-learning resources are relevant to programmes in the following areas:

  • Low carbon technology
  • Leadership and management
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Social Care
  • Science

2. Who can access the resources?

The resources can be accessed free-of-change by universities and colleges, and the registered students of these institutions. The resources cannot be made available to individual students who are not registered on study programmes offered by universities that utilise these materials.

The resources cannot be made available to higher education institutions that are not in receipt of public funding (through HEFCE, SHEFC, HEFCW or DEL).

Employers may wish to utilise these resources for employee training. The materials can be accessed via a university or college (see below for the contact details of institutions offering relevant courses).

Access the Workforce Development elearning resources.

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