As part of the support documentation for delivering apprenticeships, UVAC have developed a simple template for a Commitment Statement. This is intended to meet the Commitment Statement requirements in the Funding Rules, but also offer a wider content to support the apprenticeship, and for example be used as part of the tripartite reviews and make the document a  live part of the apprenticeship.

The Template can be accessed here

To note :

1. it is partially completed in red just to illustrate possible content – this may or may not be helpful !
2. You don’t have to repeat what is in the contract in the Commitment Statement. However,  the apprentice will not see the contract so terms that are important to them, for example wages, 20 % time off, time in the working day should be included under employer responsibilities, alongside the apprentice’s own commitment regarding attendance, etc.

3. There are two options included for this ‘support, responsibilities and commitment’ section – a narrative and a table. Both have indicative headings to guide you on what you might include. Delete which ever you don’t use.

As we see more examples we can develop a standard content for this section. Just send your examples and your feedback to r.rhodes@bolton.ac.uk

NEW DOCUMENTATION WEBINAR  - on Thursday 22 at 3pm we will be running a webinar on new apprenticeship documentation, specifically to cover the new subcontractor template and managing subcontractors. As part of this I will also cover the Commitment Statement and this template.

To Register on the Webinar please click here

Any queries to r.rhodes@bolton.ac.uk


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